Tablet and phone versions of Bread Kittens 2

Bread Kittens 2 is a sequel to our flagship title Bread Kittens. The game was entirely re-imagined and created in Unity and still focuses around armoring kittens and battling through regions to recruit more unique cats to your team. Tools used include Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, Zeplin and Unity3D.

I designed the interface around a warm tan/brown color palette, mostly consisting of wood themes and bubbled UI elements with rounded corners to allow for the colorful in-game characters and environments to shine. After creating the initial wireframes in the brainstorming phase and then creating final mockups, I mapped out the prototype in InVision. All kittens have custom illustrated ability icons created in Photoshop. Other iconography in the game and interface elements were created in Illustrator.

Mobile screenshots

App icon

In-game ability icons

Early building concept sketches