Preliminary Wires and Flow

Memolane, known as the "Internet Time Machine" is a social media aggregator and social networking platform for users to collect their events and content from various social networks and share curated "lanes" of activities with friends. They were looking to port their web application to a native mobile application for Android, with a later release for iOS. They were looking for preliminary wireframes and user flows to pitch to their investors for an upcoming integration deal with a major mobile carrier. Tools used included Adobe XD and Omnigraffle.

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For these wireframes, I worked closely with the client to outline their MVP features and v1 features of the Memolane mobile application first. I then created an early version of the wireframes and the most important flows which I iterated on with the client to create a cleaner version that was linked together into a preliminary prototype.

There were some features the client wished to include in in the wireframes but would not be in the MVP, such as the ability to add collaborators to lanes, hash tags and keywords, and a large portion of the social features including interacting with Memolane friends and viewing profiles in depth. The more detailed user flows for those backlogged features were to be expanded on at a later time after approval from stakeholders.

Preliminary Wires and Flow (First Version)

Revised Version Wireframes

Revised Version Mapped Prototype (Adobe XD)