Puzzle Pop Paradise




Concept Sketches
Sketch (Art Direction) vs. Final Product (Studio)
Sketch (Art Direction) vs. Final Product (Studio)
Character Concept Sketches

UI Design, UX Design, Wireframes, Mockups, Game Design

Puzzle Pop Paradise is an ice cream themed match-3 game where players have to match popsicles in order to defeat invaders from other dessert food kingdoms. The game was created in Unity and was my first experience using the engine. Tools used include Unity, Photoshop, Illustrator.

Following the whimsical and colorful theme of popsicles and ice cream, I chose to incorporate many bright strawberry pinks, chocolate browns, and vanillas into the color palette of the interface. I drew inspiration from ice cream shops, including striped and dotted patterns. Along with the interface, I also brainstormed and designed all the different obstacle mechanics and game levels. Final background and environmental artwork was created by an art studio under my general direction.